Volume & Issue: Volume 2020, December, December 2020 
Impacts of climate changes on pregnancy and birth outcomes: A review

Pages 1-11


Bahare Dehdashti; Nasrin Bagheri; Mohammad Mehdi Amin; Yaghoub Hajizadeh

Release of phthalate esters in pasteurized milk samples with plastic packaging

Pages 1-7


Fatemeh Moradian; Karim Ebrahimpour; Hamidreza Pourzamani; Zahra Heidari

Correlation between reduced work speed and noise annoyance due to exposure to low-frequency noises

Pages 1-6


Anis Javadi; Siamak Pourabdian; Farhad Forouharmajd

Are Street and Passage Disinfections Useful in Preventing COVID-19?

Pages 1-1

Reza Sadeghi; Mahmood Reza Masoudi; Narges Khanjani; Mousa Bamir

Removal of formaldehyde from aqueous solutions by advanced oxidation processes: UV/S2O8 2-/Fe2+ and UV/S2O8 2-

Pages 1-6


Abbas Khodabakhshi; Vida Hatami; Sara Hemati; Mehraban Sadeghi

Discrimination of sensorial characteristics, fungal, and aflatoxin B1 contamination of pistachio kernels after E-beam irradiation

Pages 1-5


Sima Hashemi; Mohammad Hassan Ehrampoush; Mahrokh Jalili; Sepideh Khalatbari Limaki; Bahador Hajimohammad

Removal of diazinon pesticide from aqueous solutions by chemical–thermal-activated watermelon rind

Pages 1-7


Davud Ahmadi; Abbas Khodabakhshi; Sara Hemati; Abdolmajid Fadaei

Evaluation of the bactericidal activity of some disinfectant agents against carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates

Pages 1-6


Ali Ozturk; Özlem Tunçcan Güzel; Olkar Abdulmajed; Merve Erdoğan; Ramazan Kozan; Kayhan Çağlar; Ayşe Kalkancı

Forecasting nitrate concentration in babol groundwater resources using the grey model (1,1)

Pages 1-9


Ghorban Asgari; Naser Mohammad Gholi Mezerji; Mehdi Salari; Hosseinali Asgharnia; Mohammad Darvishmotevalli; Hossein Faraji; Maryam Moradnia

Microbial quality of coastal areas of bandar Abbas City: Is there any potential risks for swimmers?

Pages 1-5


Nayereh Besharatipour; Mahnaz Nikaeen; Bijan Bina; Sahar Gholipour; Akbar Hassanzadeh