A study on injuries sustained in road traffic accidents at a tertiary care level

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Department of Community Medicine, MOSC Medical College, Kolenchery, Ernakulam, Kerala, India


Aims: The study was done to find out the types of injuries, modes of road traffic accidents and case fatality rate of road traffic accident cases from 1 st April 2005 to 31 st March 2010 in a tertiary care hospital. Materials and Methods: The retrospective study conducted on hospitalized patients admitted with road traffic accidents in a tertiary care level from 1 st April 2005 to 31 st March 2010. Data collected from the registers maintained in the medical records department, follows the guidelines of International Classification of Diseases-10 coding. Results: Of the 7,660 road traffic accident cases reported in a hospital from 1 st April 2005 to 31 st March 2010. Most of the cases and deaths were occurred in the age group of 15-44 years. Total deaths occurred due to road traffic accident was 249 (3.25%). Motorcycle rider injured in road traffic accident was more except other land transport accidents during the period from 2005 to 2010. Of the road traffic accident cases, fractures (42.7%) were more than superficial injuries (18.56%) and dislocations (2.6%). Conclusion: This study mentioned that most of the cases and deaths were occurred in 15-44 years. Accidents of the economically productive people will affect their family. Hence to reduce the road traffic accidents by conducting public awareness program and strict enforcement of traffic rules.


Volume 3, August
August 2014
Pages 38-44
  • Receive Date: 02 February 2023
  • Accept Date: 02 February 2023