Kinetic modeling of nitric oxide removal by ultraviolet/H2O2 advanced oxidation process

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Department of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran


Aims: In present study, the mass transfer-reaction kinetic parameters of nitric oxide (NO) removal by ultraviolet (UV)/H 2 O 2 process in a bubble column reactor in the presence of SO 2 are calculated. Materials and Methods: The mass balance equation for NO through a layer thickness of δ, under the steady state condition is solved, and NO absorption rate is calculated. The value of rate constants and Ha numbers are obtained based on experimental data under different conditions. Results: The calculations indicate that the values of Ha number are >3. The values of rate constants (obs) are fitted to some empirical equations for different operating conditions. It is observed that the value of obs increases with an increase in H 2 O 2 concentration and UV radiation intensity while it decreases with an increase in NO and SO 2 inlet concentrations. The values of rate constants are in order of 10−5 , expect for SO 2 , which are in order of 10−7 . The results reveal that there is a good agreement between calculated and experimental values where the maximum absolute error is 16.18% related to UV light intensities between 0 and 0.012 W/m 3 . Conclusion: The obtained values of Ha numbers under different condition confirm that the absorption process of gas in the liquid phase is a fast reaction. The maximum error values resulted from a comparison between the calculated NO absorption rates and the experimental ones are acceptable.


Volume 2016, June
June 2016
Pages 1-7
  • Receive Date: 27 January 2023
  • Accept Date: 27 January 2023